About Us

Luraco Technologies is a private company located in Arlington, Texas, the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The company’s mission is to provide research, development, and manufacturing of advanced products for military, industrial, residential and commercial sectors. Our current product lines include:

  • Robotic massage systems for medical therapeutic applications
  • Advanced whirlpool jets and controllers for spa and medical water therapy
  • Industrial high-power induction motor Variable Speed Controllers
  • Intelligent integrated sensors and controls for military aircraft engine condition based monitoring

The company is often recognized not only for its superior patented technologies, but also for diverse work environment, innovative, and team-oriented approach.Luraco Technologies has been awarded with DALLAS Top 100 Companies by the SMU School of Business, Top Defense Contractors in Tarrant County, and recently the Achievement Award by U.S Department of Commerce.

The Engineering R&D Department directed by Dr. Kevin Le, Ph.D, a Scientist with extensive knowledge and experience in advanced technology research and development for U.S military and industrial applications. Dr. Le has authored more than 25 technical publications in journals and conferences. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized with many achievement awards from both U.S military and government. LURACO has filed for 44 U.S and International Patents (26 patents granted, and 18 patents pending).

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