Our Story

LURACO Health and Beauty, LLC dba LURACO Technologies is a high-tech corporation dedicated to providing research, advanced technologies, and innovative products to the military, industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

Our technical staff includes Engineers and Scientists specializing in advanced robotic system designs, sensors and controls, embedded systems, mixed signal electronic designs, software application developments, PCB designs, condition-based monitoring, and mechanical system designs.

Our mission is to foster the research and development of new technologies for next generation, high-performance-based residential, commercial and government applications, and to promote job creation in the U.S.A.

LURACO is proud to be recognized by its business peers. The company has been awarded with Dallas Top 100 Companies, Top Defense Contractors in Tarrant County, the Export Achievement Award by U.S Department of Commerce and the CES Mark of Excellence. LURACO has filed for 44 U.S and International Patents. 26 Patents have been granted, and 18 Patents are pending.


Research and development of new technologies for the next generation


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